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We are a business start-up and development consultancy, specialising in mentoring and refinement of small businesses. Backed by years of our own business operations and working with over 60 different businesses and organisations.

I have been using Peter’s business consultancy services for over 8 years to assist my commercial clients plan, establish, grow and sustain their businesses.  Peter has a positive, 'can do' attitude with a wide range of industry experience and knowledge of all aspects of business from operational to financial processes.

Michelle Rorato, Senior Accounts Officer, Enterprises, IBA


We have worked with over 60 different businesses and organisations in feasibility, planning, implementation, 'rescue' and mentoring

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Hands on 

No matter how well your business runs, there is always room for improvement, and our real life experience are the experts for this.

> Hands on

Old head on young shoulders

As business owners we have probably made every mistake in the book. You get what we have learnt without the costs.

> years in business

" He really immerses himself into the clients business to the point where he will actually pick up tools to help the client meet deadlines."

Michelle Rorato, Senior Accounts Officer (Enterprises), Indigenous Business Australia

Sand Dune Adventures

Feasibility, Planning, Implementation

Arid Zone Timber Group

Formation, training, planning, production, overseas marketing and sales

Australian Design Hardwoods

Furniture maker and designer, timber processing, export, import

Ecologically sustainable timber supply

Head Consultant: Newington Olympic Athletes Village supply of sustainable Australian native timbers

Bush Foods Sensations

Mentoring and development of 10 Indigenously owned cafes/restaurants

Timber drying training

Robertson Bros Sawmill, Gypmie, Qld

Renewed Carbon

Feasibility, financial, planning and research for a biohub in central NSW

Cafes and Restaurants

Numerous cafe and restaurant mentoring from Cairns to Sydney

Diverse Services

As a small business owner you must be a jack of all trades. This is why our services must be just as diverse. From financial analysis, business management, systems, marketing, websites, planning, grant applications.

One key point: The black and white "Make a profit or die" is relatively easy to sort out for you.

What is not so easy to sort out, is you, the business owner.

This is why we spend time getting to know you, so we can build on your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses (don't be shy, we all have weaknesses).

We get around

Face to face mentoring and delivering small business workshops all over Australia.

We operate our own aircraft for remote area delivery.  It makes distances shrink, we can be responsive for you and we can get you places you need to be and see efficiently.

Besides, it's a lot of fun!

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