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Skilled at Business: All you need to know

Building business foundations for startups & small business owners

From little things big things grow. With a solid foundation the sky is the limit!

Go straight to the source of experience driven learning

Fastrack your business knowledge with practical self paced tools that can be implemented straight away

A suite of powerful online mentoring tools for your clients

Use Skilled at Business to help up-skill your clients on core business skills

Mentoring framework for business support agencies

We help you deliver cost effective, comprehensive and coherent small business support

Starting a new business?

We'll help you turn your passion into profit by building a strong sustainable business foundation.

.....This innovative package reflects (Skilled at business') approach to business mentoring: it is clear, comprehensive and logical and above all, communicates complex themes and information in a format that is easy to grasp. 

P Hynes (MBA)

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Why is Skilled at Business ideally suited for your business?

Why partnering with Skilled at Business is a no brainer:

Explore the opportunities that experience can bring to your business

No more "I don't know what I don't know".  We point out all the traps set up for the unwary, we bring business life lived experience from those who have "been there, done that"!

Imagine seeing your business flourish

We know starting up or running your own business is incredibly time consuming. In a 24/7 world, being able to learn the necessary skills in your time and in a relaxed environment, enables you to focus on what’s most important. 

From the minute you complete our study guide you have a list of what's the most important for you to up-skill on.  However, if an issue raises it's ugly head, then you can get in, up-skill, get out and start implementing our words of wisdom.

Discover the secrets to being the best boss you can be

Do you feel like the truly useful methods of running a successful business are tightly held secrets,  available only to a select few?

After working with over 60 businesses, Skilled at Business is once and for all breaking the code of silence, bringing you what works for successful business operators and what will work for you.

Build on solid foundations

Most people are so excited to get their product out the door they forget to set up the business properly.  That's like building a house without foundations, at some stage it's going to start falling apart.

We are passionate about helping you develop a solid business foundation, so you can focus on building as high as you like.

Who is in control, you or your business?

Learning to run a business on the job is exciting, rewarding and overwhelming all at the same time.

The demands on your time and focus can mess with your head space.

It's not just about skills with numbers and the like, it is also about your personal growth too.

We want you to embrace the challenges of business, that’s why we focus on ensuring your head space is in the right place.

What makes Skilled at Business the go to choice for smart business owners?

We are business people, not bankers or bureaucrats

We have over 50 years of combined business ownership. We’ve been involved in planning, implementing, mentoring & troubleshooting over 60 businesses.

Skilled at Business.... has also assisted many business owners that have been struggling to either help them implement turn around strategies or exit the business with respect and hope for the future.

M Rorato.   Senior Accounts Officer Enterprises (IBA)

Work smarter not harder

Governments and bureaucrats are telling us how to run our businesses which seems to make their jobs easier, not ours.

We are all about making it easier for you, by showing what saves time, what are the quick and easy tools to monitor your business performance and how to minimise the time spent on humdrum boring  (but necessary) business tasks.

It's about freeing up your valuable time by developing your skills and improving your business growth potential.

We deal direct to you

Do you want Australian business advice? Do you want this advice to be factual, relevant, reliable and without political spin? What about how the information is presented, no shame, no ads, no distractions, no bull?

Skilled at Business is that and much more. We are about people, you and I.  It is also about the why, why is it important to feel you're being heard, that someone actually cares about you, your success, your achievements.

That's why Skilled at Business has gone to so much effort in presenting its modules in an approachable, logical, and directed way. It is as if we are alongside you, telling it as it is from a business person's perspective. Hopefully you will even enjoy our humour.

Gain the wisdom you need to achieve success

Wouldn't you love to have an experienced business person walking along side you on your business journey?

That's why we developed Skilled at Business,  because we had to learn from tripping, falling, stumbling over every business mistake you can name, but from there we are now here along side you, guiding, explaining, demonstrating and talking to you, and sometimes even saying "we told you so". 

To question a wise man is the beginning of wisdom. Proverb

Jump ahead of the experience queue

Lack of experience is the biggest killer of small businesses.

We are passionate about passing on to you business life lived wisdom from experienced small business people so you can manage problems out of your business, avoid the common mistakes and put a wise head on inexperienced shoulders.

Passionate about understanding

We are passionate about helping you understand the advantages and disadvantages of different ways of operating your own business. Ensuring you are prepared, planned and pro-active.

This understanding and knowledge is what empowers you to tailor how your business operates and how to achieve your dreams.

Skilled at Business showed me the importance of understanding what my operational costs were, how my wages were affecting my bottom line, was I making a profit or was I doing this just for sh#ts and giggles...

Kristy: Cafe Owner

Imagine having our 50 years experience plus the lessons of 60 other businesses

Embrace the challenges of business, everything is possible once you know WHY!

"I have run the company for 15 years and now I want my son in law Colin to take over the management while I concentrate on research. We both realised there is a big step from being Production Manager to being General Manger. We really couldn’t afford to have Colin away doing formal courses, as if he would find them interesting anyway!"

Andy S: Argosee Greenhouse Technology

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Get the experience and expertise from Skilled at Business

Why partnering with Skilled at Business is a no brainer:

Avoid becoming a statistic

The awful truth is that over 50% of businesses fail in the first 5 years and the main cause is the owner's lack of experience.

Experience is gained by living a life journey, but it is much easier to obtain if those up ahead can communicate it to those coming up behind. 

We are passing down to you the practical effective things that will benefit your business, up-skilling you, the owner, so you can dodge the statistic bullet or at least lessen its impact. 

Growing your business Fantastic, saving it, Priceless!

Been doing it the hard way?

How do you broaden your experience when you are head down bum up in your own business?

We bring you our own experiences and the lessons learnt of many many other businesses. We show you the simplest and most efficient ways to bring you success,  we explain methods and present examples all with no rubbish and no bull!

It is not just going to save you money, it's likely to save your sanity! 

Can your business run by itself?

A good business is one which runs itself.  That means you can take holidays or even sell it if you want to move on...yay!

A business which runs itself has good foundations which are systems, staff, marketing, products with predictable profit margins and good readable financial accounts. 

We are passionate about helping you build better business foundations, foundations that will support future growth and success.

Think you know and can do everything?

"Be honest with yourself, know when you are not the best person for the job, know when you need help, be really honest with what your capabilities are and be happy to relinquish a bit of control".

Stuart: Owner Online Business Clothing Company

Why do we know this, we've been there and admitting you don't have the answers can really crush your confidence. But the smart operator quickly learns that by getting in expert help solves problems quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

We talk about getting professional help, who's out there, what they provide and best of all, prepare you with the right questions to ask. You're about to sit in some very expensive arm chairs so don't waste your money talking about the weather.

Toughen up your management skills

The realities of small business are that you can't be all things to all people. 

Here's a real life example:  "I was paying out a huge amount on wages every Tuesday and I was going home with my head in my hands crying, going I can't pay my bills. By necessity I then became the boss that was, 'I'd like you to respect me but I don't give a damn if you like me or not'. Kristy: Cafe Owner

Being friends with your staff starts off fun but being an owner that is professional about how the workplace operates is way more important. Your staff won't thank you if the business goes broke, they will thank you if you have a well oiled business making profits and investing in it's future. 

How does it work?

Skilled at Business is a self paced, online virtual training tool , designed to help you learn the core skills required to build a successful and profitable business

Choose a subscription

Choose a subscription that suits your level of skill and get access immediately online 24/7

Step through each module at your pace

Work through our easy to follow modules, jumping in and out in your own time

Action what you've learned

Implement your new skills and knowledge as you work through the course, there's no time like now!

Business Mentors

Use Skilled at Business to support and up-skill your clients, freeing you up to really make a difference.

'There has to be congruence in authenticity in what you are doing. So if you say you're something you have to deliver that and you have to deliver that consistently"

Jennifer: Beauty and Body Therapies

Are you a business support agency, we have the perfect plan for you as well as bulk discounts on multiple user

Why is Skilled at Business ideally suited for your business?

Why partnering with Skilled at Business is a no brainer:

Become an Affiliated Mentor

If you support small business on a professional level, such as a business consultant, accountant, book keeper, enterprise centre etc, then start enjoying the benefits of being an Affiliated Mentor.

It will expand your services, effectiveness and client retention.

Through listing on our website, training and discount pricing, we will support you to support your clients.

Expand your client base

Potential clients who couldn't afford your full time services can now get the best of both worlds. Whilst we take care of helping set up the business foundations, such as up-skilling on setting up accounts, transaction documentation, knowing how to read the P&L etc, you can supervise your clients progress and step in when they need specific mentoring.

You will be able to help more clients and at the same time use your expertise to better effect. 

Hey, that means more billable hours for you with excellent value for the client!

We invest in you

We want the best possible outcomes for business owners and mentors alike.

When you become an Affiliated Mentor we will train you to be proficient in our content, understand our methods and to operate our powerful business monitoring tools. 

We provide you with phone support and also have a range of discount and on-selling options you can offer your existing clients and attract new business.

Increase the productivity of your staff

For busy people, time is precious. You need to make every minute count. For business owners trying to find time to squeeze in a face-to-face mentoring session can be a challenge, and for the mentor, the challenge of travel or your client being distracted by work greatly reduces the effectiveness of your services.

That's why Skilled at Business is so perfect for both parties. The owner can take their 'study' home or quickly get into the information during breaks. While the mentor can monitor their clients progress remotely advising them whenever specific expertise is required.

Increased productivity, improved outcomes, higher satisfaction. Everyone is a winner.

Create or improve your real world authenticity

We know that not everyone has small business ownership experience. So if you or your staff come from speciality fields like banking, accounting, book keeping, government or educational areas, you can now also give yourselves the added real world authenticity by using Skilled at Business to deliver real world experience to your small business clients.

With us, your staff can easily identify and direct the client to our content to help improve basic skills and then, using the staff member's core skills, work with the client to achieve greater business outcomes.

Hey, that means more billable hours for you and better value for the client!

Understand your client - Why SAB is different

Have you noticed push-back or reluctance from clients to implement your advice?

The idiosyncrasies of business owners personalities are the same as anyone else. To expose your weaknesses, self delusion, insecurities, ignorance and vulnerabilities to a stranger, is difficult.  Similarly, for a mentor to explain how an owners personality affects their business success or failure is equally difficult.

Paradigm change must come before information uptake and learning is effective.

This is why SAB firstly tackles learning the WHY (benefits) before the HOW (work required). Our tutorials fill in the knowledge gaps with hands-on experienced based practical small business content, so clients are ready to proactively engage with your advice.

What does my subscription include?

We have a subscription to suit you  

From mistakes we gain experience and from experience we gain wisdom. Surviving the mistakes is the tricky bit.

Skilled at Business passes down the wisdon to develop a foundation template (or subscription) for you, a foundation on which your business can confidently grow.


"I chose the Dream Catcher just to get a feel about the company and what they offer. It’s so easy to use, I won’t be needing to search for extra information elsewhere. I have now upgraded to the next subscription to skill up before the next step…startup (OMG)".

Rosie B: Personal Trainer

All you need and more

Thinking of Business = all you need to work out if it's a good idea

Silver Lining= all you need to get started

Golden Egg = all you need to make your business soar

Australian content for Australian small businesses

It's time to get in, fix up and get on

We are not here to solve the world's problems, we're here simply to help you.

Each subscription module is designed to give you enough time to up-skill yourself and troubleshoot your problems, i.e. get in, learn, get out and fix up.

Our plan is that by the end of your subscription, you should be the master of your own destiny and with the content and resources available to you, be able to fly solo.

However, stay tuned because we are not standing still! Skilled at Business is constantly improving, upgrading and adding new content. We will soon be making our advanced financial tools available for you to keep forever. 

One stop shop

We not only include the exceptional content and business life lived wisdom but also the resources you need for the topic. Links, documents, resources, worksheets and tutorials as required.

Imagine the time you will save not having to troll the internet or books trying to find exactly what you need?

Have you ever heard the saying, "finding information on the internet is like drinking from a fire hydrant"?

A perfectly wrapped business coach

OH OK, so we can't exactly be with you in person but with the amount of blood sweat and tears we have put into producing Skilled at Business, it's certainly the next best thing.

We know - and our mentoring feedback confirms it - you want relevant, accurate and authentic Australian business support presented in a manner that is easy to digest, easy to implement and which delivers real results for you and your business. 

We just happen to have also made it surprisingly cost effective.

How to run a business, Fantastic!  Real world wisdom, Priceless!


Come and go 24/7

Stay as long as you like.

Wherever, whenever and for whatever topic you require.

We are always open, always ready to help out.

SAB is the go to education framework for Business Support Agencies

How do you add value to your advice and resources?

How do you increase skill levels, decrease unemployment and under-employment whilst lowering your delivery costs?

Skilled at Business can dramatically help you!

These years of mentoring aspiring business owners have contributed to the development of Skilled at Business. Peter could see there were no easy to understand, relevant, self-paced eLearning facilities for business owners to access, whether you were new to business or had been running a business for several years.

M Rorato.   Senior Accounts Officer Enterprises (IBA)


Skilled at Business has been developed with government agencies and industry bodies in mind

Why partnering with Skilled at Business is a no brainer:

Add value to your business resource options

The specific requirements of small business owners are different to that of the average person and delivering content without practical experiential understanding falls on deaf ears.

Wouldn't it be great if you could overcome this divide and add value to your resources by increasing the authenticity, effectiveness and reach to your clients?

Now you can, because we will do it for you, by delivering the content for small business, by small business to become skilled at business.

Reduce unemployment and underemployment

Evidence supports that small business growth can assist with reducing unemployment and underemployment, particularly in rural and remote regions of Australia.

Small business has a failure rate of 50% within the first five years from startup and most of this is due to the inexperience of the business owner.

Skilled at Business was built by small business owners, it delivers experience based content covering the basics of building a startup foundation right through to advanced accounting and financial analytical tools. We even cover topics like government compliance and dealing with the ATO. If we can save one business from failure, think of the increased employment outcomes this will bring.  

Reduce travel and support costs

Most business support ends up dealing with the basics. Using specialised consultants to provide face-to-face support is underutilising their time and over utilising your financial resources.

Our content only needs an internet connection, it can go as remote as your clients.

If expensive and time consuming travel is part of your F2F support methodology, Skilled at Business is a game changer. We give you the ability to remotely monitor the financial performance, compliance and learning progress of your clients in real time. If specialised support is required, consultants operating within their own support networks will be better prepared and resourced to advise their clients. 

Improved support, greater outcomes, reduced delivery costs.

Import real world business credibility

Reality can be brutal, small business owners do not give government and organisations a lot of business credibility and most underestimate the true value of your advice on business matters. 

Add increased value by using our business credible content, we can translate government speak into business understanding, while you continue to do what you do best, delivering your services, governance, administration and support.

We know you well

Skilled at Business has worked with over 60 businesses and organisations. A majority of that work was in partnership with government support programs.

We know the reporting, accountability, governance and restrictions you must deal with to engage with private enterprise.

Please ask us how we can fit seamlessly into your programs.

What does it cost?

Want to trial before you buy? Try our free trial subscription

Dream Catcher

$45 ex GST (12 months)
  • All you need when thinking about going into business
  • Assess yourself and your dreams
  • Think ahead = Planning & Numbers
  • Start up business implementation

Silver Lining

$945 ex GST (18 months)
  • Everything from Dream Catcher plus
  • A tailor made content guide based on your circumstances
  • Costing and pricing your product
  • Powerful financial analysis tools
  • Monitor your overall business health
  • Websites and marketing

Golden Egg

$1,445 ex GST (2 years)
  • Everything from Dream Catcher & Silver Lining plus the lot!
  • How to communicate
  • Toughen UP - Become truly professional in business
  • Advanced business management features
  • Staff, staff, staff and employment manuals…phew!
  • Business planning - developing and writing
  • Cash Flows, SWOT, Business on-line, WH&S, Policies and procedures and so much more

How do I sign up?

Signup is super easy and before you know it you'll be stepping out into the fast lane to business success!