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Every small business owner we have worked with, without exception, had no formal education in small business before they started their business. They all learnt to run their business on the job, at the University of Hard Knocks. They are always tired at night, always short on time, always juggling business and production tasks.

Our presentations are produced so you will be happy to spend time with us in the evenings instead of collapsing in front of the TV.

The information is structured so you can either broaden your business management skills when you have the time (for heavens sake, make time), or get in to get the information at lunchtime, so you can deal with a problem in the afternoon that has arisen in the morning.

Am I suited to business?

Speaking from experience, when thinking about going in to business or a startup business we are very good at fooling ourselves about how great our product is and how the world needs us. We tend to daydream more about the income and being our own boss than we do about markets, late nights and paperwork. Heh… it’s just human nature.

It requires a certain type of person to run a small business. The right person has a fantastic time, loving every minute no matter how hard and constant it is. For the wrong person, small business is a living hell, better to go get a job with the government.

Our Dream Catcher subscription is for you. It is cheap but powerful. Get a reality check and if you come out the end ready to start your own business, FANTASTIC! We hope to see more of you.

About to start up?

So! You are ready to kick off your own small business, congratulations! Speaking from experience going in to business for ourselves was the best decision we ever made! Small business is more than a job and income, it is a lifestyle and a lifestyle we have loved enormously!

However, let’s not be naive. There are many pitfalls in business, otherwise Skilled at Business would never have been born.

The more you have to lose the more you need to think ahead (plan), unless you like bungee jumping without knowing if there is a rope attached! We have seen – time and time again – that businesses who take a proactive and energetic approach to setting up their businesses BEFORE THEY START, survive much better. Why?  Once you start you are constantly tired and time poor and errors can just keep compounding. A poorly established business is like a baby who never sleeps…it will send you mad!

Putting dreams into reality

For most people going in to business is about making their dreams come true.  Self determination, be their own boss, to be financially independent, express ideas, creativity, experience and expertise. Sound familiar?

However, the reality is that running a business is a separate profession in addition to the trade/profession that you are basing your business on.

  • You will learn this profession if you are to survive
  • You will learn this profession well if you are to flourish
  • You will make mistakes
  • You will learn from these mistakes

Don’t despair. Einstein once said “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”.

Skilled at Business is passing on the real world experience that has been gained the hard way, through real world experience.

What will you learn with Skilled at Business?

Basically everything about small business, as far as someone other than yourself can take you.

We have been in business for a combined 50 years, we have mentored, planned, implemented and trouble shot over 60 businesses. We have always focussed on what works, not what theory says will work, after all it is a real world out there. All our presentations are overlaid with real world application and priorities.

Just as important as the technicalities and legalities of running a business, it is you, the owner, who profoundly affects the operations of a business. We do spend time on the reasons why we can fool ourselves, toughening up, and how our personalities affect our business.

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Check out the subscription page and shop to see every module and its short description.

How does it work?

Subscriptions times vary according to how long we think you will need us and you can upgrade at any time.

Subscriptions are

  • shop-icons_FINAL_jpg 4Dream Catcher (Thinking of Business)
  • shop-icons_FINAL_jpg 3Silver Lining (start up for the budget conscious)
  • shop-icons_FINAL_jpg 2Golden Egg (for professional businesses in it for the long haul)

There is so much to know it can just mess with your head. S@B’s initial 65 modules are divided up in to:

  • Critical: Do this stuff or someone will shut you down
  • Essential: Without this stuff you will probably shut yourself down
  • Professional: Obviously, becoming a professional business person
  • Style: What makes you stand out, your pzazz

Affordable business advice that makes a difference!

So why choose Skilled at Business?

  • Self paced
  • Available online 24/7
  • Easy to understand
  • Aimed at small business owners
  • Months of consultants advice for the cost of a few hours
  • Real and useful financial calculators for breakeven, Industry Benchmarks, True Trading Performance, Costing products
  • Supporting resources
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