System Requirements

  • Available on all platforms
  • Compatible Browsers:  Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome
  • Formatted for PC and Tablets but can be viewed on phones
  • Due to high graphics content.
    • good wireless or ADSL internet connection is recommended
    • mobile phone download will use data allowance quickly. Monitor your usage to avoid excess data charges.

Is Skilled at Business Complete?

We have many more modules planned and these will be added to the premium Golden Egg subscription as they come on line. The other subscriptions will remain the same.

Upcoming modules?

More on the subtleties of making your business special. Unique Selling Point, Family and Friends, Cultural Influences, Selling your business. Our list is quite extensive. There is every likelihood these modules will be operational by the time you need them anyway.

How long is a subscription?

This depends on the subscription and based on a reasonable time for you to use all the content. Your subscription starts when you first log in to the courses area.

  • Dream catcher = 12 months
  • Silver Lining     = 18 months
  • Golden Egg      = 24 months
  • Silver Lining to Golden Egg upgrade = adds six months to the silver lining subscription. If your Silver Lining subscription has expired you get an extra 6 months access to all content.

Can I upgrade my subscription at any time?

You can upgrade from the Silver Lining subscription to the Golden Egg subscription at any time. The upgrade will add 6 months to your Silver Lining subscription or if your Silver Lining subscription has expired,  six months full access to all content.

Can we get personalised coaching/consulting from Skilled at Business?

Skilled at Business is only an on-line entity with the express purpose to reduce the cost of advice and information to small businesses.  Consequently we do not provide a personalised service. If you think that is a bit rough, please note that a full subscription to S@B gives you the equivalent of a couple of months of face to face consultancy for the price of one day. The Directors do operate separate consultancies outside of Skilled at Business who you can engage. See

My order went through but did not get access to the website

Gremlins eh? Contact us immediately and we will find out what the problem is to get you on-line ASAP. (we only put this question here just in case, it hasn’t happened yet)

Is Skilled at Business a Registered Training Organisation and do I get a recognised qualification?

Skilled at Business is very deliberately not a RTO and we do not provide a formal qualification. Skilled at Business aims to be as practical and task focussed as possible, knowing what the small business owner needs to know NOW, not at the end of a three year degree in theory.

We started Skilled at Business because, as small business owners ourselves and after assisting over 60 businesses on a day to day basis, we have been terribly disappointed on how applicable most small business educational offerings are. We considered a formal RTO structure would hamper our delivery of practical immediately applicable information.

How independent is Skilled at Business?

Skilled at Business Pty Ltd is fiercely independent.

Skilled at Business Pty Ltd makes no warranties or representations about any product, service, organisation, department or industry. We do not receive any sponsorship, compensation or services from any product, service, organisation, department or industry.

However, in the course of presenting our eLearning modules, we do mention and link you to relevant Australian government departments. We also use and discuss some external products and services which are relevant to the topic. Some of these products and services are owned or subscribed to by Skilled at Business Pty Ltd for normal business  purposes.

Is there advertising in Skilled at Business?

No! Skilled at Business is an advertising free zone. Phew!