What do people say about our on-line virtual business mentoring content


I got onto Skilled at business from one of the members at the gym I work at. I was whining about how hard it is to find information on what I need to do to start a business once I finish uni, he suggested checking them out. I had limited expectations about it considering there’s so much dodgy information out there and surprisingly the website was easy to navigate around. They have different options for subscriptions on how much help and information you need.

I chose the Dream Catcher just to get a feel about the company and what they offer. It’s so easy to use, I won’t be needing to search for extra information elsewhere. I have now upgraded to the next subscription to skill up before the next step…startup (OMG).

Andy Sadler

I have run the company for 15 years and now I want my son in law Colin to take over the management while I concentrate on research. We both realised there is a big step from being Production Manager to being General Manger. We really couldn’t afford to have Colin away doing formal courses, as if he would find them interesting anyway!  We came across Skilled at Business and bought the top end subscription, Golden Egg.
Though our business has been operating for 15 years Skilled at Business is giving Colin all the hands on practical basics of business so he can step in to the management with confidence. I wish I had this stuff 15 years ago, it would have stopped a lot of mistakes.

As a former employee of Indigenous Business Australia (Manager, Business Lending & Support and other positions dating back to 2002), I was responsible for the planning and delivery of the Government’s Business Development & Assistance Program (BDAP) in Far North Queensland and other regions………
Notably, Peter was responsive to clients’ specific situations – for example, he was a reliable business consultant for remote area work and contracts that may have been more challenging in terms of industry, client skilllevels and structural complications.
Given Peter’s background and skills, I was not surprised that he, and his business partner Mr James Terry, have designed such a useful program as SkilledAtBusiness. This innovative package reflects Peter’s approach to business mentoring: it is clear, comprehensive and logical and above all, communicates complex themes and information in a format that is easy to grasp.

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I have been using Peter’s business consultancy services for over 8 years to assist my commercial clients plan, establish, grow and sustain their businesses. Peter has a positive, ‘can do’ attitude with a wide range of industry experience and knowledge of all aspects of business from operational to financial processes…….

These years of mentoring aspiring business owners have contributed to the development of Skilled at Business. Peter could see there were no easy to understand, relevant, self-paced eLearning facilities for business owners to access, whether you were new to business or had been running a business for several years. His personal experience in running businesses and mentoring others have proven invaluable in compiling the content for Skilled at Business in a practical approach that just makes sense and is easily applied to any business……..