Be better value for your clients

A small business client comes to you – a business mentor, coach, consultant, or accountant – for your specific skills and expertise to tackle specific issues.

However, when these small business clients are lacking in basic business foundations the effectiveness of your expertise is undermined.

To be cost effective and keep those clients, your input needs to be planted in fertile ground rather than in a dry weed infested, disorganised, crisis managed garden. Get the drift?

With little time input you can now sort out their business foundations.

Better value for them,  better results from your work.

You’ll get the thanks!



Let us build their foundations while you make their dreams come true.

Build YOUR business too!

Take on extra clients who previously could not afford you

  • Because you do not have to charge them for all the time spent on the basics
  • But you still gain billable hours because you are guiding them to content
  • And also gain billable hours dealing with the specific issues
  • With fantastic value for both your client and your business

Expand the versatility of staff you have employed for specific skills

  • Big end of town bankers trying to be small business mentors are not a pretty sight!
  • Neither are fresh university graduates or ex government employees
  • Now you can use them effectively because our content gives them the real world credibility while they focus on their areas of expertise
  • A seamless tag team match between us and you with the client reaping the benefits

Have a more proactive client

  • Keep them learning and tackling problems while you are away
  • Have them prepared and informed when you visit
  • Holistically target specific business issues by tag teaming with our content
  • Have your clients learn basic skills in their own time so you can concentrate on their specialised problems when face to face

You invest in us and we will invest in you

Become an Affiliated mentor

  • We will train you on the use and content
  • Your own dedicated mentor portal
  • Enter and supervise client progress (with their permission)
  • Be copied in to the reports they generate
  • Obtain business performance analysis not available in their accounts
  • Phone support for use and content
  • Phone support on directing your clients to specific content
  • Contact us for other financial benefits to your business

Financial for you and your clients

  • Offer exclusive monthly subscription plans and discount
  • Be listed with us on our website
  • We refer our clients to our Affiliated Mentors listing for more intensive assistance
  • Contact us for the financial incentives we do not make public
  • Note: Our Affiliated Mentors are our wholesalers so please don’t get your knickers in a knot if we are offering them financial incentives we do not offer to our retail clients…after all, we are in business too.

How do we work with you?

You will need a working knowledge of the Skilled at Business content, and for that you will need a full subscription.

Contact us to discuss consultants industry pricing, re-selling and support arrangements.

You invest in us, we invest in you.

Maximise your time with your clients

Contact us now and see how we can save you time and money building better businesses for you and your clients

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