Allied  business support = passing down the experience

Get an old head on young shoulders

  • We consider that working face to face is the best way to gain handed down experience, putting an old head on new shoulders.
  • However business mentors are a costly bunch, after all their experience has come from making their own expensive mistakes.

Let’s make it affordable for you!

  • Our allied business supporters use Skilled at Business to get you skilled up in the business fundamentals, in your time, the cheapest option.
  • With your new knowledge your business mentor can get to work on your specific business issues at the next meeting (cheapest option).


Allied Business Insights: Director: Amir Radnia. Brisbane, Australia  PH: 0426 1414 09

Amir worked extensively in the family business until starting his own business manufacturing CNC machines as a mechanical engineer in Iran. Moving to Australia Amir paid the bills as a ‘dish pig’ in a restaurant but quickly became the head chef. With a flair and practical hands-on experience in business, Amir has been drawn in to mentoring and supporting other small businesses.  It is now his full time occupation. Amir uses Skilled at Business to teach the fundamentals of small business while he concentrates on the specific strategic or structural business issues.

Your Accounting Partner: Director:James Huy Vuong, 1 Westlink Court, BTP Westlink Green, Darra, Qld 4076: PH 07 3668 0646

James Huy Vuong offers assistance and support to small businesses, from bookkeeping, tax and compliance, valuation and sales. But like most professionals his time is valuable, so when he sees skill deficits,  he can direct clients to specific modules in Skilled at Business. So the next time James meets his clients face to face, they understand and are pro-active to tackle strategic issues from start-up, scale thru to sale.

VH Pty Ltd: Director: Peter van Herk, Brisbane, Qld PH 0418451288.

Peter, along with James Terry, is a founder of Skilled at Business. VH PL is the business which provides face to face mentoring for business clients and obviously uses Skilled at Business in all its mentoring activity, for simplicity of financial performance analysis, product costing, and breakeven analysis.  Importantly, VH PL gets their clients to skill up in their own time which is far cheaper for them and more effective use of Peter’s time.