Get more bang from your budget

Effective small business support is achieved by passing on credible life lived experience the business owner will engage with and remember.

This means people, this means consultants, this means travel, this means high expense.

Budgets get strained and frankly, there are not enough good business coaches & consultants to get around to every business in need.

When you do have the budget and pay for face to face consultants/mentors/coaches their effectiveness is diminished if the client is lacking in small business fundamentals (most often this is the case)

How many business plans have you funded that the business owner doesn’t engage with or do not have the business fundamentals to implement?

Why use Skilled at Business?

  • Business fundamentals can be taught on-line with real world credibility
  • Use your staff to guide small businesses to our fundamentals, freeing up your budget and consultants to work on the growth and success of the business.

Learn how in the mentors page

Consistency and accountability

  • Have clients learning between consultant’s visits
  • Have greater mutual responsibility between you and the supported business
  • Monitor your supported client’s business development undertakings (KPI’s)
business support agencies reduce business mentoring costs

Don’t overlook your staff

The harsh reality is that small business people do not give your organisational employees a great deal of small business credibility, especially when they are working 80 hours a week and they see your staff are going home at 4.30pm five days a week.

Use your staff effectively

  • A lot of smart and very competent people work for organisations and government, no matter what a small business person may think
  • We know many organisational employees who could competently assess small business needs over the phone and direct clients to content
  • Why should they be under-utilised while the budget is spent on expensive consultants who need to work on the fundamentals of the business?

Give them the tools

  • Our content will give real world small business credibility to your activities
  • They don’t have to be business consultants to hear the problems
  • There is no liability as staff are not offering specific business advice
  • We can offer phone support to help staff direct your client, just as we do for our affiliated mentors

Your Brand?

Skilled at Business has been developed with government agencies and industry bodies in mind. We can refine and tailor content for agencies whose charter is to assist small business owners in general or business owners in specific social or cultural demographics.

Skilled at Business can deliver:

  • with your branding as a client sponsor
  • to suit your governance requirements
  • supporting your assigned case officers
  • specifically tailored content
  • tailored subscription services
business support agencies reduce business mentoring costs

Minimise your delivery costs

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