We are business people, not bankers or bureaucrats

We have over 50 years of combined business ownership. We’ve been involved in planning, implementing, mentoring & troubleshooting over 60 businesses.

Why did we build Skilled at Business?

  • because of the consistent lack of experience and understanding in small business owners, particularly in the first 5 years of operation
  • because we found the problems across 60 businesses and organisations were so similar and common
  • because often problems were the result of the business owner rather than the black and white make a profit or die
  • because no-one communicates small business from the small business owner’s perspective
  • because there are too many old wives tales perpetuated by vested interests
  • because no-one is passing on practical real world small business experience in a real world way
  • because business should be living dreams and fulfilling
  • because knowledge is power to direct your destiny
  • because we enjoy ourselves and have a laugh
  • because we are bureaucratically allergic

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Why self paced online business skills training?

I’m so busy working in my business I don’t have time to actually work on it!!

We’ve heard this so many times, which is why we developed Skilled at Business to give you all the tools you need to help you change the way you do business and start reaping the benefits you deserve from your hard work.

Skilled at Business is a new way to gain the essential skills you need to build a profitable business.

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Knowledge is the most profitable investment you can make in your business

Is this you?

  • I have lots of ideas but also easily distracted i.e. need entertaining content not text books
  • I’m bureaucratically intolerant and often not very politically correct
  • I do not have big blocks of time to spend studying
  • I just want to fix the problem, not go back to school
  • I want to get in, learn, get out and fix the problem
  • I have very good bullsh*t filters

If this is you then it sounds like you’re ready to make a change and get Skilled at Business!    Learn More

What will you learn with Skilled at Business?

You will learn everything to do with business, prioritised into topics and issues we see need solving day after day after day in every business we have come across.

Business is pretty black and white, make a profit or die!

HOWEVER, it is the people involved who can be the fuzzy, emotional, distracted, idealistic and sometimes, have illogical inputs in to a business that can make it either soar or make it crash.

Consequently, it is not just the important core business skills (see below) that you will learn, you will also find out how people (you too) commonly cause the problem and how you can recognise this and sort it out. The many real life examples are informative, some will make you laugh, some will make you cry.

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How does it work?

We divide the topics into categories

categoryiconssmall-02Critical: do this stuff or someone will shut you down

abcEssential: Do this stuff or you will shut yourself down

categoryiconssmall-04Professional: Yep, become a professional business

categoryiconssmall-03Style: What makes you different -and better than the others.

How do I subscribe?

We have different subscriptions according to your circumstance:

shop-icons_FINAL_jpg 4Dream Catcher

Perfect for those thinking of going in to business. It gives you all the tools to help assess you and your idea before making the leap.

shop-icons_FINAL_jpg 3Silver Lining

We’ll cover everything you need to start up your business and get you well established & profitable.

shop-icons_FINAL_jpg 2Golden Egg

With Skilled at Business, The Golden Egg can become reality. This subscription will help you with all the heavy lifting that is required for you to become a professional, profitable & sustainable business. It’s for those in it for the long haul.

Available for PC and tablets through your browser. You can use your smart phone if you have really good eyesight and do not get frustrated easily – i.e. this is not designed for very small screens.
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The Team Meet the experts behind Skilled at Business

James, Business Owner, Consultant & Co-Creator

Peter, Business owner, Consultant & Co-Creator

Mark, Thirtypointfour – Web & Graphics

Donovan, Snapfrozen – loveable super geek

Francis, Snapfrozen – php guru

Kate Morton, long time trainer, structure keeper and iron fist in a velvet glove

Fie Terry, mental health counsellor, mentor, and encourager

Dr Chris Landorf, BArch, BAIntDes, MBA, GradDip Built Env, PhD, FRAIA and very smart

Meiko, ‘Cause you know you love me